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Barrel Emptying

NETZSCH Barrel Emptying Pumps


NEMO® Barrel Emptying Pumps suction themselves automatically to the bottom of the barrel or container to achieve almost residue-free emptying in the chemical, pharmaceutical and foods industries. The heart of the Barrel Emptying System is a volumetrically conveying NEMO® Progressing Cavity Pump. When the NEMO® Pump is started, a vacuum is created under the follower plate. This then simultaneously puts slight pressure on the substance in order to guarantee constant suction in the pump.

Features of NEMO® Barrel Emptying Pumps:

– very gentle conveyance
– nearly residual-free emptying
– conveyance also of compacted products
– conveyance of solids

NEMO® Barrel Emptying Pumps offer you:

– conveyance volume in proportion to rotation speed
– constant low-pulsation conveyance
– high efficiency
– low life cycle costs combined with easy serviceability

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