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Pump Projects distributes and implement both filter bag housing systems as well as individual filter bags. We offer custom built solutions for our clients needs. Our bag filters can handle liquid flow rate from 1m3 to 1,000m3.

Pump Projects distributes and implements both cartridge filter housing as well as cartridge filters. We offer custom built solutions, ranging from a single piece to more than 100 rounds of cartridge installation from 4” to 40” length to meet our clients requirements. 

Pump Projects distributes and implements standard and custom made strainer and baskets. Designed for efficiency for integration with a wide variety of equipment like pumps, heat exchangers, and mechanical valves. 

Pump Projects Bag Filters
Pump Projects Filter Cartridges
Pump Projects Self-Cleaning Filters

Pump Projects supports your operations with filter bags that are used for a wide range of applications from food grade food and beverage filtration to fine chemical filtration. Our bags materials are made from the highest quality materials and are certified for quality by international bodies.

Pump Projects’ filter cartridges are made with high quality materials that are certified by international bodies for quality. Our selection also includes stainless steel filter cartridges. Our clients use our cartridges for a wide range of applications. 

Automation and control is a core competancy of Pump Projects. Our self cleaning filter systems are designed to give customers an ease of mind without the hassle of routinely changing filter bags or cartridges. These systems are designed to handle a long duration of flow and have a high life span. 

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