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Forte Fluid Indirect Fired Heater

Forte Energy Services Inc. designs and manufacturers custom Process Line Heaters, meeting the duty conditions set by our clients. With inhouse Process and Mechanical Engineering, we evaluate every aspect of our designs and meticulously take the time to ensure the recommended Line Heater is appropriate to meet the duty required by our clients.

All of our Line Heaters are designed and manufactured to the latest API, ASME codes and meeting the intent of TEMA design for both sweet and sour service.  At Forte Energy Services Inc. we also perform brazing/overlay inhouse with exotic metals for additional thermal and wear protection. All of our weld procedures are qualified to maximum thickness with or without PWHT. We feel this allows us to be extremely versatile to meet all the fabrication requirements that may be required.

Forte Fluid Line Heater

We have the ability to design and manufacture the following style of process line heaters:

Indirect Fired Heaters

Direct Fired Heaters

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

U bend Heat Exchangers


Waste Heat Recovery

Forte Fluid Line Heater

We offer the following materials of construction:

Carbon Steel, including NACE compliance for sour service.

Low Temperature Carbon Steel, including impact tested to -50F

Austenitic Stainless Steel

Nickel Alloys

Or and combination of the above

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