Pump Projects is a dealer, parts distributor, service center and packager for Circor Positive Displacement Pumps. Circor is a world leader in the manufacture of positive displacement pumps and related technology for use in the commercial marine, defense, industrial, oil and gas, and power-generation industries. Our extensive product line of Circor Positive Displacement Pumps includes industrial pumps, injection pumps, transfer pumps, specialty centrifugal pumps, and rotary screw pumps (two-screw, three-screw, and progressive-cavity). These are categorized as follows:

  1. Three-Screw Pumps
  2. Two-Screw Pumps
  3. Progressing Cavity Pumps
  4. Centrifugal Pumps
  5. Propeller Pumps
  6. Side Channel Pumps
  7. External / Internal Gear Pumps
  8. Peristaltic Pumps
  9. Macerators
  10. Heat Transfer Pumps


CIRCOR is redefining what’s possible in the oil and gas, power generation, industry and commercial marine markets,
collaborating with engineers and operators like you to develop the best fluid-handling solutions for your application.

All of this is enabled by a broad portfolio of pumps and engineered systems from brands you and your clients know and trust — Allweiler®, Houttuin®, Imo®, Warren® and Zenith® — ensuring that you get the reliability your operations demand and expert levels of service that you require during design, commissioning and throughout operations.


Allweiler Pumps
Zenith Pumps
Warren Pumps
Tushaco Pumps
Portland Valve
LSC Lubrication
Imo Pump
Houttuin Pumps

Three-Screw Pumps

Circor Three-Screw Pumps

Design with only three rotating parts, pulse-free flow with extremely low vibration and noise levels, and high-pressure boost capabilities, even when handling low-viscosity fluids.

Two-Screw Pumps

Circor Two-Screw Pumps

Versatile self-priming horizontal and vertical screw pumps with tremendous product viscosity range for lubricating and non-lubricating liquids.

Progressing Cavity Pumps

Circor Progressing Cavity Pumps

Simple and economical pump design requiring only one shaft seal, able to handle fluids contaminated with large percentages of abrasive solids.

Centrifugal Pumps

Circor Centrifugal Pumps

Custom designed to specific application requirements with a wide range of low viscosity aggressive and non-aggressive fluids, and a dynamically balanced impeller to reduce vibration.

Propeller Pumps

Circor Propeller Pumps

Pump design for large volumes, delivery heads up to 20 meters.

Gear Pumps

Circor Gear Pumps

Pumps for true precision metering, with accurate delivery under varying conditions of pressure‚ temperature and viscosity.

Peristaltic Pumps

Circor Peristaltic Pumps

Dry self-priming, seal-less and valve-less design for low to highly viscous liquids‚ pasty‚ neutral or aggressive‚ pure or abrasive‚ gaseous or tending to froth‚ also with fibrous and solids content.


Circor Macerators

Macerators crush fibers and solids contained in liquids and make them pumpable.

Heat Transfer Pumps

Circor Heat Transfer Pump

CIRCOR is redefining what’s possible in Heat Transfer applications, collaborating with engineers and operators like you to develop the best fluid-handling solutions for your application. With its ALLHEAT series, is defining a new ® generation of handling heat transfer fluids. The ALLHEAT series is one of the few pump designs on the market that (with absolutely no changes!) can pump thermal oil up to 400 °C/75 °F, or hot water up to about 207 °C/ . In addition, ® ALLHEAT can also be used with modern very-low-viscosity synthetic thermal oils with virtually no limitations. 

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