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The Model PWA-HT is a high temperature horizontal process pump. The centerline case mount allows for operating temperature up to 700 degrees F while maintaining critical shaft alignment for stable mechanical seal and bearing performance. Hydraulic performance matches PumpWorks PWA pump and ANSI/ASME B73.1, current edition, mounting and installation dimensions. The pump features multiple seal chambers for maximum sealing flexibility and a back pull out design for easy maintenance.

CIRCOR is redefining what’s possible in HeatTransfer applications, collaborating with engineers and operators like you to develop the best fluid-handling solutions for your application. With its ALLHEAT® series, CIRCOR is defining a new generation of handling heat transfer fluids. The ALLHEAT® series is one of the few pump designs on the market that (with absolutely no changes!) can pump thermal oil up to 400 °Cn52 °F, or hot water up to about 207 °C/405 °F. In addition, ALLHEAT® can also be used with modern very-low-viscosity synthetic thermal oils with virtually no limitations. You’ll never find a more universal pump!

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