PWA _ GEN 2 – B73.1 Process Pump

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Innovative Power Frame Features

All new patent-pending frame design for enhanced reliability.
25% more cooling surface than PWA GEN 1.
Sealed lubrication chamber.
ISOMAG™ magnetic seals IP65 rated Power Frame sealing
Sloped and segregated drain for contaminant isolation.
Predict Plus™ GEN2 proactive pump monitor.
Zero oil maintenance required for up to 5 years.*
Carbon Steel vs. Ductile Iron

High strength, impact resistant carbon steel liquid ends for improved durability and pressure containment.
Replaces non-repairable, ductile iron casing and impellers, with repairable carbon steel, for extended component life.
30% higher thermal conductivity than cast iron for improved heat dissipation, lower oil temperature and longer bearing life.
Shaft and Bearing Assembly

Upgraded 316L SS vs. 4140 steel pump shaft is standard at no additional cost.
Proven flinger disk lubrication device to ensure effective bearing lubrication. Provides 30% increased bearing L-10 life and minimum 15ºF lower bearing operating temperatures compared to flood oil design.


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