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Pump Projects Engineered Chemical Injection

Engineered Chemical Solutions


Pump Projects specializes in custom designed chemical treating applications. Our engineering team can manage the entire project from chemical selection, system sizing and design, right through to equipment fabrication. Rental units are also available for use with the selected treating chemicals.

Applications including chemical dosing, metering, tankage, control and power complete with chemical selection are right within our wheelhouse. Call us today!!  


– H2S Scavenging                  – Methanol Injection

– Odor Control                        – Tank Vents

– Corrosion Inhibitor               – Urea injection for NOx

Pump Projects Engineered Chemical Injection
Pump Projects Engineered Chemical Injection


H2S Sweetening

H2S Scavenging Systems


Pump Projects’ H2S Scavenging Systems are custom designed for safe and cost-effective H2S removal at the wellsite.

Pump Projects designs and manufactures an array of H2S removal systems, ranging from the stand-alone vent scrubber to a complete wellhead package treating several MMScfd.

Pump Projects’ extensive line of H2S removal packages can treat virtually any H2S concentration and gas flow. Equipment can be designed and fabricated quickly and economically.

    Pump Projects H2S Sweetening

    Key benefits and features:


    • Flooded contactor design can be configured to treat virtually any gas flow and concentration of H2S combination
    • Redundant pumps and automated process controls guarantee on-spec gas and optimal efficiency
    • Reliable continuous injection eliminating downtime that comes with single-use or batched sweetening
    • All piping enclosed in an insulated, heated building to eliminate freeze-ups
    • Installation costs significantly reduces due to all-in-one self contained package
    • Chemical exposure reduced due to carefully thought out design. Our system is designed to ensure there is no requirement for the operators to come in contact with the chemical during regular operation and changeout procedures
    • Installation is extremely simple, requiring only gas in and gas out connections
    • No H2S or smelly chemical vented or emitted
    • Training and Startup Assistance available
    Pump Projects H2S Scavenging

    Process includes:


    – Chemical storage tanks
    – Pump requirements
    – Contactor sized appropriately
    – Fuel gas scrubber
    – Building heater
    – Spent chemical vent scrubber


     All configurations available:

    – electric or pneumatic pumps

    – wellsite or main facility configurations

    – varying levels of control, communication and automation


    We also offer full mechanical, electrical, process control design and installation services


    Pump Projects Tank Vapor Scrubbing

    Vent Gas Sweetener


    Available as stand-alone units or integrated into tank separator packages

    • Designed to allow for the removal of H2S
    • Uses Triazene or other H2S Scavenging Chemicals to remove H2S
    • Compact for ease of installation
    • Excellent for odor control


    Pump Projects Tank Vent Gas Scrubber

    Vent Gas Scrubber


    The vent scrubbing system utilizes proprietary internal design to allow the removal of H2S in concentrations exceeding 20%. Vent Scrubbers can be used as a stand-alone unit for produced water tanks, or integrated into one of our tank separator packages. This unit uses a Triazine based scavenger but can accommodate other H2S Scavenging Chemicals as well.

    We also supply units for trucks (such as Vacuum Trucks), for completion operations, for offshore rigs… anywhere there is H2S present that cause concern for safety or unpleasant odours. We can handle sour gas flows of any flow rate and pressure… Call us today!!


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