HS Series

HS Series


Submersible pump designed for water, wastewater, and light slurry pumping. Residential, commercial, industrial & construction dewatering applications.

KTZ Series

KTZ / KTZE Series


Construction pumps capable of converting from high head to high volume in 2HP -15HP designs.

KTD Series

KTD Series


Cast iron heavy-duty slurry pump employing the KTZ Series as the base.

KRS Series

KRS Series


High volume pumping applications available in 3HP – 50HP designs.

NKZ series

NKZ Series


Submersible heavy-duty slurry pump driven by a 4-pole motor. Built with a cast iron material, the pump also includes a three-phase feature. An agitator that assists the uninterrupted suction process of settled matters is also designed into the pump.

GSD Series

GSD Series


Heavy-duty agitator series submersible pump designed for high volume & high head slurry pumping and applications.

GSZ Seires

GSZ Series


High volume submersible drainage pump with a built-in cooling jacket to prevent overheating.

GPN Series

GPN Series


Agitator series submersible pump designed for slurry, mud & sand pumping with hard iron adjustable wear parts & bottom side discharge up to 6-inch size.

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